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Aomori Port Internationalization Committee 2008 Activities
Cruise Liner Amsterdam Makes a Call on Aomori Port
写真The Amsterdam (61,484) made port in Aomori on September 30, 2008, at just under a year since its last visit. At its arrival, the Aomori Nebuta Association group welcomed the Amsterdam with a lively nebuta musical performance. APIC also held a welcome ceremony onboard and showed welcome to the captain and crew by presenting them with flower baskets and commemoratory gifts. Additionally, to ensure that passengers could feel at ease walking through town, APIC assigned volunteer translators throughout the central shopping area and loaned out electric wheelchairs. Many passengers and crew visited Aomori’s shopping areas and areas of interest. APIC caught sight of many people shopping and conversing with local residents, and in this way the Statendam’s mooring fostered both internationalization and regional revitalization. At its departure, guests were sent off with the nebuta melody they heard when they first arrived, and many residents waved goodbye, wishing the Amsterdam safe travels.
Implementation of Welcome Events for Cruise Liners
写真Beginning with the Clipper Odyssey on June 7, 2008, a total of seven other ships—including the Pacific Venus, Nippon Maru, and Asuka II cruise ships—received welcome ceremonies when they entered Aomori port; around 4,500 passengers visited Aomori, and each time a welcome ceremony was held in our guests’ honor. Aomori’s welcome was received favorably among captains and passengers alike. They stated, “We are appreciative of Aomori’s warm welcome. We would like to come again next year, too.” Additionally, cruise captains returned the welcome by inviting Aomori residents onboard their vessels to share the splendor of cruise tours; in all, APIC conducted 4 onboard tours. Aomori residents were dazzled and amazed at the facilities, which they said rivaled luxury hotels, and voiced a desire to take a voyage by sea.
First Asia Cruise Convention
APIC participated in the first ever Sea Trade All Asia Cruise Convention held in Shanghai, China, on October 23, 2008 as a part of public relations for the Visit Japan Campaign Project.
As for public relations, APIC and the other participating ports of Okinawa, Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Kobe, Osaka, and Yokohama and travel agencies, introduced Aomori’s tourism resources and hospitality and acquainted foreign cruise lines with Aomori’s allure.
Sales Abroad
写真From November 16-23, 2008, APIC members visited ten cruise lines in the U.S.A. to perform sales. Additionally, from February 28-March 2, 2009, the same delegation visited Europe for the first time to conduct sales with four companies there. In both America and Europe, APIC introduced Aomori’s tourism resources and displayed Aomori’s hospitality, urging the companies to consider utilizing Aomori Port
2008 Aomori Internationalization and Logistical Strategies Investigative Study
APIC performed a goods movement survey and organized the results from the point-of-view of a forwarding agent. The survey investigated the business of a forwarding agent, as they have a large influence over selection of cargo consolidation and transit routes. Accompanying this survey was another conducted through the actual export of processed and perishable foodstuffs.

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