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Aomori Port Internationalization Committee 2009 Activities
Foreign Liner Volendam Makes 2 Port Calls to Aomori
写真 The foreign passenger cruise ship MS Volendam (61,484t/Holland America Line) made two calls on Aomori Port, on May 5th and October 6th. Both times upon its arrival in port, our guests were not only treated to a Nebuta musical performance, but the captain and crew were also presented with commemorative gifts to show our welcome. Additionally, APIC dispatched tourism and translation volunteers at the wharf and set up Japanese culture booths, so our guests could sightsee and stroll around at ease. At departure, we saw the Volendam off again with a Nebuta musical performance, while Aomori residents waved the Volendam goodbye, praying for its safe voyage.
The World Makes its First Stop in Aomori Port
写真 The world’s first condominium cruise ship, The World (43,188t) made its first landing in Aomori on September 16th. The World travels the world throughout the year, and is known for being a luxurious cruise ship in port 250 days of the year. Upon its arrival, The World was treated not only to a Nebuta musical performance, but it was also presented with commemorative gifts and welcome greetings to celebrate its first port call to Aomori and to show our gratitude. On the wharf, APIC dispatched translation volunteers and set up a specially-created tent, so The World guests could experience Japanese culture and the Aomori region’s local traditions at their leisure. The World stayed in Aomori Port until the night of September 17th, and the passengers fully enjoyed their sightseeing and interactions in Aomori. Upon departure, APIC lit a compact Nebuta lantern float and saw off The World with a Nebuta musical performance, hoping it will find its way back to Aomori again.
Cruise Ship Reception Event Implementation
写真 In addition to the Volendam and The World, APIC has performed reception events for a total of seven ships—including those such as Clipper Odyssey, Pacific Venus, Nippon Maru, Asuka II. Many ships have come to Aomori and enjoyed their time here. Residents of the city join us to welcome our guests. We have also conducted 3 cruise ship walking tours in order to let people know the splendor of cruise tours. Participants were struck with wonder at the magnificence of the ship interior, and many became so interested as to ask questions about services and events onboard.
Domestic and Foreign Port Sales Implementation
写真 At Aomori Port Internationalization Committee, we held “port sales” yearound—actively enticing shipping companies to utilize Aomori Port. In addition to making these port sales to domestic shipping companies, APIC directly visited 9 different American shipping companies to introduce and explain Aomori Port’s allurement and hospitality from January 17-24.
Participation in European Cruise Convention
写真As a part of the “Visit Japan Campaign” PR project, APIC participated in the “Sea Trade Europe” cruise convention held in Hamburg, Germany in September. Among bigger ports such as Yokohama, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Naha, we engaged and enticed foreign cruise liners to visit Aomori, with all of its tourist resources and culture.

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