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Aomori Port Internationalization Committee 2010 Activities
New and Improved Nippon Maru Makes a Port Call
写真After its massive makeover at the end of 2009, the more comfortable and more enjoyable Nippon Maru made its first public appearance on May 7th in Aomori Port. APIC celebrated its entrance into the port with attractions like a ceremony and a Nebuta musical performance. During the walking tour of the Nippon Maru on the same day, many participants were utterly amazed at the facilities and services available onboard. At its departure, we put on a Nebuta musical performance and child wadaiko (Japanese drum) show, and finally we saw our guests off with paper streamers and penlights.
Cruise Ship Reception Event Implementation
写真In addition to the Nippon Maru’s on May 7th, APIC performed reception events for a continuous stream of cruise ships into Aomori Port—for a total of eight—including those such as Pacific Venus, Nippon Maru, Asuka II. Residents of Aomori city also welcomed the cruise ships with APIC, and cruise walking tours were held four times, so Aomori citizens could understand the magnificence of cruising. Participants savored their short-lived cruising encounters in the ships’ magnificent interior and voiced their desire to travel by ship. When the Pacific Venus came into port on August 4th, a cruise symposium was held; Captain Ikuo Tsunekawa talked about the joys of traveling by sea, leaving everyone feeling more familiar and comfortable with cruises.
Participation in the Japan Cruise Symposium
写真APIC participated in the 2-day “Japan Cruise Symposium in Fukuoka”, which was held in Fukuoka City on September 2nd and 3rd. Overseas shipping company officials were invited to a panel discussion on themes such as the allure of Japan as seen by visiting overseas ships and measures to increase cruise ships which visit Japan; what cruise lines require in a calling port and departure/arrival port; and strategies to expand Japan’s cruise market. There was an active exchange of opinions about the cruise conditions of the world and Japan. Additionally, during business negotiations, APIC made an appeal to Aomori Port’s allure through a presentation aimed at overseas shipping companies.
APIC Backs “Aomori Port Cruise Symposium” Hosted by Aomori Prefecture
写真APIC supported the “Aomori Port Cruise Symposium, held on November 24, 2010. Douglas Ward, the author of the Berlitz Guide to Cruising & Cruise Ships—what is often called the passenger ship version of Michelin Guidebook—gave the keynote speech on “The Allure of Cruises and the Implications of Aomori in the Cruise Industry”. Moreover, a panel discussion titled “Cruise Aomori: Set Out for Japan’s Northern Front Door” was held after the keynote speech. In the venue were many Aomori residents, eagerly listening to the situation of the cruise industry around the world. Residents were also open to hearing the efforts being made to transform Aomori into a passenger cruise port.

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