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Aomori Port Internationalization Committee 2011 Activities
Bremen and Orion II made their debut visit to Aomori Port.
写真 写真
Bremen (6,752t) made its first landing in Aomori on the 10th June, 2011 whilst the OrionⅡ(4,077t) made its first landing here just over a month later on the 19th July.  
In order to welcome the Bremen and the Orion II, and to show our appreciation for their visit, the passengers and crew of both ships were treat to a performance of Nebuta music, and were presented with commemorative gifts and welcome greetings.
Upon departure, we saw them off with a performance of Nebuta music and child wadaiko (Japanese drum), hoping that one day they would be able to come back again to Aomori.
Cruise Ship Reception Event Implementation
写真In addition to Bremen and Orion II, APIC performed reception events for a continuous stream of cruise ships into Aomori Port—for a total of ten—including those such as Fuji Maru, Pacific Venus, Nippon Maru, Asuka II. Residents of Aomori city also welcomed the cruise ships with APIC, and cruise walking tours were held five times, so Aomori citizens could understand the magnificence of cruising.
When the Pacific Venus came into port on August 4th and September 6th, cruise symposiums ware held; Captain talked about the joys of traveling by sea, leaving everyone feeling more familiar and comfortable with cruises.
In addition, by Fuji maru, a dinner party was held as a special plan.
Participants savored their short-lived cruising encounters in the ships’ magnificent interior and voiced their desire to travel by ship.
APIC held a seminar for the hospitality to foreign passenger cruise ships
写真By the seminar on February 23rd, there was explanation about the summary of the foreign passenger cruise ships which come to the Aomori Port in 2012, the state of the welcome in other ports, the activity of the mall.
A lot of people interested in foreign passenger cruise ships came and listened to it eagerly on that day.

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