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Aomori Shin-Chuō Wharf
Official L: 280m
Measured L: 316m

Every year approximately 10 cruise ships visit Shin-Chuō Wharf, the only terminal in northern Tōhoku capable of accommodating large passenger vessels. Its unique features include a location adjacent to the city center; the convenience of Aomori Station within walking distance; and direct access to a park with a beautiful view of the bay.
Visitors are welcomed into Shin-Chuō wharf by an eye-catching mosaic on the wharf floor labeled “Aomori’s Four Seasons”.
Map of Shin-chuo wharf(Extend)
Map of Shin-chuo Wharf(Extend)
Tour information around Aomori Port
Detail Map of Shin-chuo Wharf in Aomori Port
Detail Map of Shin-chuo Wharf in Aomori Port
※Aomori Port’s Shin-Chuō Wharf has received approval for its pier security provisions, rules, and regulations based on the Act on Assurance of Security of International Ships and Port Facility (date of approval: 2004.6.28). This is corresponds to the port facility security plan as per the 1974 The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS Treaty).

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