Name Our name, in Japanese, is the Aomori Kokusaika Suishin Kyogikai.
In English, we are the Aomori Port Internalization Conference (APIC). Below our organization will be referred to as APIC.
Goals APIC intends to contribute to regional economic development by promoting foreign and domestic vessels to utilize Aomori Port.
Projects APIC performs the following projects to achieve the goals listed above:
1) Projects to promote use of Aomori Port by foreign and domestic vessels.
(2) Projects to develop new ocean routes for Aomori Port.
(3) Projects to promote trade and commerce with Aomori Port.
(4) Any other projects required to meet the goals of APIC.
Affiliated Bodies APIC’s affiliated bodies are comprised of corporations who comply to the goals of APIC, the Aomori Port Development Association, Aomori Chamber of Commerce, Aomori City, and Aomori Prefecture.
  • Aomori Prefectural Government
  • Aomori City
  • Hirosaki City
  • Kuroishi City
  • Goshogawara City
  • Towada City
  • Tsugaru City
  • Hirakawa City
  • Aomori Tourism Pubric Corporation
  • Aomori City Taxi Association Conferedation
  • Aomori Minato Club, NPO Organization
  • Port and Airport Construction Association, Aomori Branch
  • Aomori Port Research Association
  • Aomori Port Promotion Association
  • Aomori Chamber of Commerce
  • Aomori Tourism and Convention Association
  • Aomori International Relations Voluntary Association
  • Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Aomori Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • The Aomori Bank, Ltd.
  • Michinoku Bank, Ltd.
  • Aomori Credit Union
  • Kaiji Press Co., Ltd.
  • Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry Co., Ltd
  • Bluemoris Corporation